Sudan: Two public universities prohibit Bashir party’s activities

Two Sudanese public universities yesterday banned political, cultural and social activities of the “National Congress” political party that continues to support the now-deposed president Omar Al-Bashir.

Local sources told Anadolu Agency that the ban came in official orders by the Deanship of Student Affairs of Bahri and Zalingei universities.

“Any social, cultural, and political activities by the National Congress party, National Islamic Student Movement, or the Islamic Student Movement are prohibited within the campuses of the Bahri and Zalingei universities,” the universities’ said in an official memo.

“The university administration will vest all property that belongs to the students of the outlawed party,” the memo added, warning that any violation would be “firmly dealt with firmly according to the law.”

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In response, student’s representative of the Popular Congress Party, Zaki Omar Amin, criticised the move, calling on “the university’s Deanship of Student Affairs to cancel their decision.” The Popular Congress party emerged from a split within the National Congress party.

Last week, the Sudanese Council of Ministers approved a bill to dismantle the so-called “rescue system,” confiscating its properties and banning its leadership activities and projects.

On August 21, Sudan began a 39-month transition period shared by both the military and the forces of change, the leader of the widespread protests. The transition period is expected to end by a transparent presidential election.