Saudi Justice Ministry allows online updating of real estate deeds

Sun, 2019-12-08 01:40

RIYADH: The Ministry of Justice announced on Saturday that beneficiaries can update their real estate deeds online, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The move coincided with the launch of the third phase of the deed verification service. Deeds that are updated on the portal now look like paper deeds, improving the beneficiaries’ experience.

The service is a substitute for visiting notaries. It also allows the verification of the authenticity of the deed online by visiting the link ( and entering the numbers of the deed and ID of one of the owners to see the full details. Beneficiaries can view the real estate deed in full as saved in the systems of the Ministry of Justice, allowing for more reliable information than paper deeds.

The second phase enhances the reliability of the deeds updated online, improves the experience of the beneficiaries, ensures the validity of the information and ease of access, and provides privacy and transparency of information.

Dr. Walid bin Mohammed Al-Samaani, justice minister and president of the Supreme Judicial Council, launched the digital transformation in the Ministry’s documentation sector on Nov. 19, 2018. The digital transformation targeted a number of digital forensic services aimed at eliminating paperwork and making procedures easier for beneficiaries who no longer need to visit notaries to issue low-risk powers of attorney.

The ministry highlighted that the digital transformation in documentation would save about 8 million papers annually, which leads to spending efficiency, protects the environment and makes things easier for beneficiaries as there is no need to carry documents and visit notaries to issue clauses specified by powers of attorney.

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