KSRelief team performs 13 heart surgeries in Tanzania

Sun, 2019-12-08 02:19

JEDDAH: A medical team of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) on Saturday performed 13, including five open-heart, surgeries on children suffering from congenital heart diseases in Tanzania. 

Since the launch of the medical campaign in Tanzania, the KSRelief teams have performed 55 operations to help people who cannot afford to pay for expensive medical procedures.

On Saturday, a KSRelief team performed 172 eye surgeries in Morocco’s Chichaoua province. The campaign in Morocco has been organized in cooperation with Al-Basar International Foundation.

Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian efforts exerted through KSRelief have reached 45 countries to date, through 1,062 projects, most allocated to Yemen.

The total Saudi assistance to Yemen since May 2015 amounted to $16 billion in humanitarian and development aid, in addition to supporting refugees, providing funds to Yemen’s central bank and supporting the Yemeni economy. 

Mobile nutrition clinics of KSRelief continue to provide treatment services in Sana’a governorate, in partnership with the Tiba Development Foundation. The total number of medical nutrition clinic beneficiaries thus far has reached 1,511. 

KSRelief is also carrying out several water and sanitation projects across Yemen. On Friday, KSRelief provided ambulances to Aden, Taiz and Hodeidah governorates.


• KSRelief is carrying out 1,062 projects in 45 countries.

• The total Saudi assistance to Yemen since May 2015 amount to $16 billion.

• KSRelief is also carrying out several water and sanitation projects across Yemen.

• The center is also supporting dialysis centers in Yemen.

Yemeni Health Minister Dr. Nasser Ba’oom hailed the support of Saudi Arabia through KSRelief.

The center is supporting the Yemeni health sector in coordination with Yemen’s High Relief Committee.

According to KSRelief, it provides dialysis solutions and other medications necessary for treating chronic diseases to Yemen.

KSRelief provides urgent treatment for wounded and injured Yemenis in their country, and those for whom treatment is not possible in Yemen are transferred to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region.

The center has implemented numerous health projects in Taiz, including support for Al-Thawra Hospital, which the center has provided with equipment, supplies and medicines. The first phase of support to the hospital’s orthopedic department alone amounted to $3.15 million.

When a recent shipment of dialysis solutions was stolen by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias, KSRelief acted quickly to provide Al-Thawra Hospital with a replacement shipment. KSRelief also provided support to the Al-Jomhory Hospital and other regional health centers in Taiz.

KSRelief’s support for dialysis centers throughout Yemen is continuing as a second phase of support provides six month’s worth of medical supplies. Fuel is also being distributed to 95 health facilities across Yemen in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

KSRelief’s projects cover many areas of the medical sector including primary healthcare and maternal and pediatric healthcare programs implemented in collaboration with UNICEF. 

KSRelief also extended support to the Artificial Limbs Centers in Taiz, Aden, Mukalla and Sanaa in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and is currently preparing a new Artificial Limbs Center in Taiz.

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Saudi Medical Team To Perform Heart Surgeries in Yemen