Jordan Teachers’ Union suspends strike

A spokesman for the Jordanian Teachers Association (JTA), Noureddine Nadim, said yesterday that the union complied with the administrative court’s decision and decided to suspend the strike starting next Sunday.

According to the Ammon News, the association’s council decided on Wednesday to withdraw its decision on 7 September in response to the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, adding that there are senses of resentment as long as the teachers’ demands are still unanswered.

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Nadeem said earlier yesterday that the volume of rage in the field is very large, pointing out that the Jordanian constitution guaranteed for citizens to claim their rights.

He pointed out that although the government won this round, there are other rounds, and the legal means will not be ignored.

The strike began on 8 September with the teachers demanding that the government should implement its 2014’s promise for a 50 per cent increase in teachers’ basic salaries. Teachers also called for holding accountable those responsible for abuses against teachers on 5 September when they were prevented from holding a protest demonstration outside the prime minister’s office.