Iran: 18 ballistic missiles and new warhead on long-range missiles

According to Iranian media, the “Hail” a low-altitude artillery air defence system was unveiled today.

Iran also presented 18 Revolutionary Guard Corps ballistic missiles, including Qader, Emad, Sejjil, Khorramshahr and Qiam.

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Iran also presented the Power 373 air defence system, an Iranian-made long-range mobile missile defence system, comparable to the Russian S-300 air defence system. The air system launches Iranian-made Sayyad missiles. The system’s weapons have a range of 300km and can detect enemy aircraft from long distances.

The military equipment was presented in a parade in Tehran and several Iranian provinces on the occasion of the start of the “Holy Defence Week,” about the war waged by the regime of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein against Iran.

This year’s array coincides with mounting threats between Iran on the one hand and the United States and Saudi Arabia, on the other. This tension comes on the backdrop of attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities for which the United States and Saudi Arabia hold Iran responsible.