PA: Jordan Valley ‘indivisible part’ of Palestinian land

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Monday that the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea are “indivisible parts” of Palestinian lands, has reported. Shtayyeh made his comments during a PA meeting in the village of Fasayel and pointed out that the 1,622km2 of the Jordan Valley makes up 28 per cent of the whole area of the occupied West Bank.

His meeting and remarks followed the claim made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea if he wins today’s General Election and is returned to office.

“That was no more than an election campaign pledge,” insisted Shtayyeh. “Nevertheless, the [PA] government is meeting today [Monday] in the Jordan Valley not to condemn or denounce, but to be present among our people to strengthen their resilience on issues related to raising livestock, building water tanks and the rehabilitation of the Roman Pool, which will irrigate more than 3,500 dunams of Fasayel.”

The PA Prime Minister added that, “The Palestinians were here before the Jewish settlers and the settlers are here illegally.” He said that his government is going to take Israel to the international courts for its exploitation of Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley. “We will keep this fight against the occupation on the ground and in various international forums. The government will take the decisions that support the steadfastness of our people here.”

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