Saudi to launch smart cards to track Hajj goers

Saudi Arabia will launch a high-tech smart Hajj card next year as part of the Smart Hajj Programme, Saudi media revealed yesterday.

The Saudi newspaper Okaz reported the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah saying that pilgrims’ personal data, health status, residence and Hajj tour details will all be found on the card.

Okaz also reported that the card will be fitted with a location tracker, managed by a control room, to follow individual pilgrims’ movements.

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Meanwhile, the Arab News reported that the ministry will also launch an app which will including tracking details, identifying crowded spots, and the transport schedule.

The system was trialled this year and managed by a control room located in Mina.

Nearly 2.5 million Muslims completed the Hajj pilgrimage this year with Saudi vowing to increase the number.