Sudan military cancels death sentences against rebel leaders

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council has decided to cancel death sentences against leaders of the north division of the People’s Liberation Movement.

Spokesman for the Military Council, Shamsiddeen Kabbashi, said that the head of the Military Council Abdul-Fattah Burhan cancelled the death sentences against rebel leader Malik Agar, his deputy Yasser Imran and others, Al Khaleej Online reported yesterday.

In a press release reported by Um Durman Radio, Kabbashi said that cancelling the death sentences represents a step towards joining the peace process in the country.

He noted that the pardon included other leaders, without naming them.

Agar and Imran, along with 18 other leaders, were sentenced to death in absentia in 2014 for revolting against the Sudanese government during the reign of President Omar Al-Bashir.

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