Indonesia condemns occupying authorities’ demolition of Palestinian houses in Jerusalem

The Indonesian government condemned on Thursday the Israeli occupation’s demolition of Palestinian houses in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

A statement issued by the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said that Indonesia calls on Israel to stop these practices as soon as possible.

The statement added that Israeli practices violate international laws and resolutions of the UN Security Council.

The statement also tackled Israel’s activities of digging a tunnel under Al-Aqsa Mosque last month, stressing that these practices threaten the peace process in the region.

Since Monday morning, Israeli bulldozers have started the demolition of several buildings at the same time in Wadi Al-Homs in Sur Baher neighbourhood, south of Jerusalem, after evacuating their inhabitants.

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The demolished buildings are located in an area that pertains to Palestinian Authority, and their owners have obtained building permits from the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government.

On Thursday, the judges of the Supreme Court of Israel approved the decision to demolish the houses and rejected a petition submitted by their owners against the demolition.

On Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces demolished 12 buildings, containing more than 70 housing units, under the pretext that they were built near the separation fence.

According to the ruling of the occupation’s Supreme Court, which adopted the army’s point of view, the building near the separation fence could pose a real threat to Israeli security.