Arab League: Israel to blame for death of detained Palestinian 

Arab League holds Israel responsible for death of Palestinian during interrogation in Israeli detention centre

The Arab League of Nations has held Israeli authorities responsible for the death of Palestinian prisoner Nassar Majed Taqatqa in solitary confinement in an Israeli detention centre where he was undergoing interrogation.

Saeed Abu Ail, the Arab League’s assistant secretary-general for Palestine affairs and occupied Arab territories, said in a statement yesterday that Taqatqa’s death reveals that Israeli interrogators use severe techniques of mental and physical torture, subjecting Palestinian detainees to a “slow death” in custody.

Abu Ali called for an international investigation into the matter so as to ensure that the occupation authorities will be held accountable for their “crimes” against Palestinians, including detainees.

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He also urged international human rights organisations to stand up to Israeli violations, and the occupation’s failure to live up to its commitments and obligations as per the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the Geneva Conventions.

Taqatqa, 31, died on Tuesday in Israel’s Nitzan prison, weeks after he was first detented over alleged ties to Hamas.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) said on Wednesday that it had obtained information that proved that he died as a result of the severe torture he endured while in Israeli prisons.