Arab League delegation in Khartoum to help reach national agreement

A delegation from the Arab League arrived yesterday in Khartoum to bolster efforts to reach national agreement among the different sides in Sudan, the Anadolu Agency reported.

“The visit comes in light of the Arab League’s efforts to reach an agreement on arrangements for handing over power to a civilian authority in Sudan,” spokesman Mahmoud Afifi said.

Sudanese press reported that a three-member Arab League delegation headed by Khalil Al-Zirwani, the undersecretary of the organisation, arrived in the country.

On Tuesday, African Union and Ethiopian mediators invited Sudan’s ruling generals and protest leaders to resume talks on creating a new governing body for the country.

“We have invited the two parties for a meeting tomorrow, and we have fixed for them a time and place,” said African Union envoy Mohamed Lebatt.

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change to negotiate directly with military council

He added: “It is not appropriate for political and security reasons to disclose the time and venue, but this invitation has been sent to both parties.”

Madani Madani, a prominent protest leader, said: “The Alliance for Freedom and Change met and decided to accept the invitation for direct negotiations,” noting that reaching a decision within 72 hours was a condition set for the talks.

The mediators say they have come up with a compromise to resolve the crisis that has rocked Sudan for months.

Negotiations collapsed in May over the make-up of the governing body and whether a civilian or a military leader would head it.