Female Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails to launch hunger strike

Palestinian Prisoners and Freed Prisoners’ Committee revealed yesterday that female prisoners being held in Israeli jails are planning to start a hunger strike to protest against the deteriorating detention conditions, Felesteen.ps reported.

The female prisoners set 1 July as the date for the start of their strike which they have dubbed “The Strike of the Free Ladies.”

In a statement, the committee said: “The female prisoners call for removing cameras from the yards of the prisons, increasing time of breaks, repairing ailing facilities and creating a library.”

They are also calling for the Israeli prison services to improve the conditions of the families who wait for long hours when they visit them without any justifications.

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In the statement, the committee added: “The department of female prisoners in Al-Damoun Prison is in need of urgent maintenance, including cupboards, water pipes, kitchen appliances, tilling and many other things.”

This step comes in light of the announcement by the male prisoners in Askalan Prison that they would start an open-ended hunger strike on Sunday to protest against the torturous measures practiced by the Israeli prison series against them, which have been escalating since April.

The committee warned of increasing anger among all Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails due to the violent crackdown of the prison services.

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