Report: two out of three Palestinian administrative detainees are recaptured

Two-thirds of the 490 Palestinian prisoners under administrative detention inside Israeli jails are imprisoned for at least the second time. Sentences range between two and six months, Palestine Centre for Studies said on Wednesday.

In a report, the Centre said that the Israeli occupation aims to lock down the Palestinian prisoners the longest time possible inside prisons without trials.

The Centre described the situation of these prisoners, who are incarcerated based on secret information kept by the Israeli intelligence, as “political hostages.”

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According to the report, Israel holds fake hearings, for these prisoners and administrative detentions are often renewed.

The Centre said that 71 prisoners had administrative detention renewed for the second consecutive time, 172 renewed for the third successive term, 66 renewed for the fourth time and 25 for the fifth time.

Meanwhile, the Centre said, 155 prisoners held in administrative detention are in their first term. Most of them are former prisoners.