US, Lebanon make headway in border demarcation talks

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Wednesday said that “clear progress” had been made in talks with US officials regarding the sought-for demarcation of Lebanon’s land and maritime borders with Israel, Anadolu reports.

Beirut has reportedly proposed a tripartite commission — composed of Lebanese, Israeli and UN officials, with input from the US — to be tasked with reaching a border demarcation agreement.

At a meeting last week with top US officials, Lebanese President Michel Aoun reportedly said that the demarcation of Lebanon’s land and sea borders with Israel would “greatly contribute to regional stability”.

Aoun also reportedly urged the US to “help realize this objective by promoting respect for Lebanon’s land and sea borders and its right to explore for oil and gas in the exclusive economic zone” between the two countries.

Lebanon and Israel remain in dispute over an energy-rich area of the Eastern Mediterranean known as “Block 9”.

US officials are currently mediating between Lebanon and Israel with a view to defining the two countries’ land and maritime borders.

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