UAE: The best solution for Libya is deescalation and return to UN-led process

Foreign Minister of UAE, Anar Qarqash, said, Monday, that the solution to the Libyan crisis is based on ending the ongoing escalation and return to the process led by the UN, leading to transparent elections, RT reported.

Qarqash, according to RT, said in an article published by the French newspaper Le Journal de Dimanche that the party which deserves to win the elections “must be able to unite the country, combat terror groups and rebuild the ailing economy.”

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In the Middle East, he said, we often are obliged to choose the less harsh choice: “Such choices are not as the Westerners always hope,” he said.

“Libya is one of our priorities today,” he said, adding: “Europe, the UAE and other countries have common interests there.”

He said that Europe, North Africa and Egypt cannot bear the consequences of failure in Libya, where Al-Qaeda and Daesh were resurrected in Tripoli due to chaos. “If this situation continued this way, it would become epidemic and the infection to spread in the other countries in an unpredictable way,” he said.