Russia: Over 1,100 Syria refugees returned in 24 hours

The Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria announced that as many as 1,163 Syrian refugees have returned to their country over a 24 hour period coming from Lebanon, Jordan as well as from within Syria.

In a statement released yesterday, the centre said the returnees included 417 refugees (125 women and 213 children) who were in Lebanon and 746 refugees (224 women and 380 children) from Jordan.

According to the statement, 216 internationally displaced persons (IDPs) also returned to their permanent residences in Syria.

The statement added that over the same period, 1,000 food baskets weighing 4.99 tonnes in total were delivered to the Tal Sakin village in the suburb of Hama.

The Syrian Engineers Corps units cleared an area of ​​1.9 hectares of land mines while experts discovered and destroyed 29 explosive devices, it added.

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