Thousands of Algerian students reach parliament despite tight security measures

Thousands of students broke through security barriers and entered the Algerian National Assembly (APN), Sunday. This came during a march protesting the continuity of Bouteflika’s regime.

According to Anadolu Agency, more than 5000 students gathered in front of the University of Algiers in the capital.

The gathering turned into a march comprising 10,000 participants. The protestors marched from the University of Algiers to the central post office square in the centre of the capital.

Students went on to the People’s National Assembly (APN) despite police attempts to stop them.

The demonstrators chanted slogans denouncing the interim president, Abdul Kader Bin Saleh, Prime Minister Noureddine Badawi, and members of his caretaker government.

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The students have also expressed their rejection of the presidential elections scheduled for 4 July.

While marching, the students also chanted slogans demanding a fair and free justice system and the prosecution of alleged corruption that took place under Bouteflika.

A few weeks ago, civilian and military judicial authorities launched investigations into corruption and conspiracy cases against the military establishment. Thus, some suspects were placed in provisional custody.

The investigations involved some prominent figures in Bouteflika’s regime, including the ousted president’s brother, Said, former intelligence chiefs General Tawfiq and General Bashir Tartag, in addition to former Prime Ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal as well as other ministers and businesspeople.

The students’ march in the capital coincided with the celebration of National Student Day in Algeria on 19 May.

On 19 May 1956, Algerian students at French universities decided to boycott classes and join the Algerian Revolution against French colonialism, which culminated in the independence of the country on 5 July 1962.