For this Saudi family, breaking fast on Al Wajh’s beach is a different experience

Fri, 2019-05-17 04:16

AL WAJH:  One of the best ways to break fast in Al-Wajh governorate in Tabuk region during Ramadan is to eat iftar at the region’s beaches or in one of its marine parks.

Zahem and Al-Darar are two of the most popular stretches of sand along the coast, as both are close to urban areas too.

A number of people said that breaking their fast on the beach is a different experience to eating iftar at home. Taking in the sunset before the call to prayer, and appreciating the natural beauty of the surf crashing on the rocks and reefs.

Local resident Mashari Salem Al-Balawi said that breaking fast on the beach is a long-standing tradition among people living on the coast. It is his family’s tradition every Ramadan, he said, adding that many families will organize beachside iftars for large gatherings during the holy month.

Ali Al-Shamri had traveled 500 kilometers from Hail in order to break fast on the beach. He said that the experience was a special one, seeing the sunset and “feeling God’s creation.” He said that he intended to stay for suhoor before returning home. 

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