Startup of the Week: Exploring the reality of a virtual world

Deema Al-Khudair
Mon, 2019-02-11 23:20

JEDDAH: Not very long ago, the concept of virtual reality (VR) used to excite us in Hollywood’s sci-fi flicks depicting the human future. Flying cars, holograms and robot workers appeared to be a figment of human imagination.
Who would have thought that within a short span, we would enter an era where such movie stuff would become part of our lives. Lo and behold, there is more to come. I am not sure about flying saucers but passenger drones will soon become a new normal within our lifetime.
Saudi Arabia is also making headway in the field of science and technology. Those who wish to experience VR adventures or play retro arcade games should visit “Teen Town Toys.”
It is a place that offers fun-filled activities for people of all ages. It offers a variety of VR adventures such as horseback riding, car-racing simulators, multiplayer competitive games and much more.
Adults can walk down memory lane in the arcade as it also offers 80s retro arcade games such as Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario games. The younger generation can also get a taste of the past by exploring these retro gems.
Teen Town Toys was established in June 2018 by Ehab Abdul Raouf Khalil, a successful Saudi businessman in his 40s. He combined his passion for entertainment and technology together and founded the arcade.
“It is equipped with the latest and most advanced gaming experiences in the global market,” Wed Khalid, the CEO of Teen Town Toys, told Arab News.
“Adding his unique taste of humor, he created Afo, Ura, Iska and Kura as characters that engage with our audience and guide them through the different types of VR experiences,” she added.
Each of these characters is classifications for the games, with Afo being exciting VR adventures, Ura being action-packed VR experiences, Iska being extreme kiddie rides and Kura being 80s retro arcade games.
The CEO said their VR games are the first of their kind in the Kingdom. They include Oculus Rift (a gold standard in virtual reality head-mounted displays), HTC Vive (the leading VR headset and controller combo on the market today), Treadmills and Haptic Gloves (this technology serves to further improve the levels of immersion as the user enters the virtual environment).
Some of the games Teen Town Toys provides are as follows:
1. Overtake VR: The elite challenge in VR (car racing).
2. Virtuix Omni Treadmill: Ideal for allowing its user to take the VR experience to another level. They can safely walk, run in 360-degrees, exploring simulated worlds and exercising at the same time.
3. Xtreme: This VR simulator guarantees an outburst of emotions and a rush of adrenaline, she explained.
Their most popular VR games are Overtake and Rifter, as well as space invaders.
“Teen Town Toys promises you experiences, possibilities, worlds that are almost impossible in the real world, you will want to spend the whole day in,” she claimed.
They are located at the King Abdullah intersection with Khalid ibn Al-Waleed Road, in Jeddah. The arcade opens daily from 4:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Visit their Instagram page (@teentowntoys) for more information.

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