Palestinian Journalists’ Club condemns Gaza media closures

The Palestinian Journalists’ Club (PJC) has expressed its concern at the closure of media institutions in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Journalists’ Club cited the closure of the office of Al-Quds Satellite Channel and the Palestinian Information Centre as examples, both of which were the result of bad economic conditions.

The statement warned of further deterioration of media institutions, noting this would negatively affect the Palestinian media scene and “will impact the ability of Palestinians to expose the daily oppression they face”.

PJC added that the same crisis would affected Al-Aqsa Satellite Channel and has already led to the closure of Al-Kitab Satellite Channel about six months ago.

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“These tools of Palestinian mass media had been among the true voices of the Palestinians which represented the issues of Jerusalem, prisoners and Palestinian principles,” the statement said, calling for “urgent intervention to stop the continuous bleeding of Palestinian mass media”.

PJC also stressed that closure of Palestinian media institutions means “suppressing the Palestinian voice, hiding the positive image of Palestinian resistance and burying the issue of refugees”.

“This is going to weaken the Palestinian narrative against the propaganda of the Israeli occupation and its psychological war against traumatised Palestinian women and children,” PJC concluded.

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