Terrorists sentenced to death in Tunisia

Tunisia has passed the death sentence on 41 terrorists found guilty of an attack that killed 15 soldiers in June, 2014. The attack took place in the Mount Chaambi area of Kasserine Province on the border with Algeria. The area remains a hideout for militants.

“The Tunis Court of First Instance issued its verdicts against 41 defendants on Friday,” Sufian Al-Sliti, a spokesman for the antiterrorism court, told AFP. “Only two of the defendants are in custody; the others have escaped.”

The Tunisian Ministry of Defence said that on the day of the attack, between 40 and 60 terrorists armed with machine guns and rocket launchers fired on troops during the month of Ramadan. Five soldiers were shot dead and nine others were burned to death in their tents. A tenth soldier died later of his wounds.

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