Ehud Barak inciting to kill Netanyahu, Likud claims

Former Israeli prime minister and defence minister, Ehud Barak was accused by the Israeli Likud of inciting to kill current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Sunday.

Barak accused Netanyahu of leading Israel “to destruction through an extreme, messianic and racist minority,” calling for the Israelis to defend their country.

He compared Netanyahu’s government, Haaretz said, “to the era of the rule of Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed along with his wife in 1989.”

During a meeting in Tel Aviv, Barak added: “The moral collapse of Netanyahu has begotten laws whose only purpose is to help the government escape the corruption, bribery and breach of trust affairs it is suspected in.”

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He added: “It is an expression of moral degradation that is not working for the good of citizens but for submission to a seemingly corrupt leader. This is reminiscent of Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu more than a model society or a light unto the nations.”

Barak continued: “The nation that brought him to power is that which will remove from power one who degrades the nation and its citizens.”

Replying on these remarks, Netanyahu’s Likud party said Barak was “inciting murder” against Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and his wife have been questioned by Israel Police on suspicion of corruption and bribery in three major cases.