UN envoy meets top Hamas leader in Gaza

UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov met head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza yesterday, Shehab.ps reported.

The UN envoy discussed “in depth” the different issues related to the situation in the Gaza Strip, mainly the disastrous humanitarian issue and how to solve it in light of international efforts.

Mladenov and Haniyeh discussed Israeli aggression on Gaza and the killing of two Palestinian boys whilst they played in Al-Katiba Park in the west of Gaza City.

Haniyeh reiterated to Mladenov that the Great Return March will continue until its goals are achieved.

He also discussed mechanisms to end internal division.

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Mladenov arrived in Gaza early on Sunday, held a press conference and stated that the situation in Gaza “has rapidly deteriorated” in the last few months.

He said this had happened for three reasons: “First is the humanitarian factor. People’s lives have become more difficult as people have limited money, the economy has collapsed, electricity and water are scarce.”

“Second, we have also seen the deterioration of the political situation with the end of the reconciliation process.”

“Thirdly, in addition to political and humanitarian deterioration we have also seen a very rapid deterioration in the security situation.”

Commenting on this, he said: “We cannot stand idle when we see 2 million Palestinians in Gaza living in such terrible conditions as they do now.”