Ramadan tents a rich tradition in Riyadh

Sun, 2018-06-03 00:47

RIYADH: Setting up majestic Ramadan tents in hotels, with sumptuous iftar and sahoor delicacies, is a rich tradition in Riyadh during the fasting month.

Hundreds of people turn up daily for lavish iftar and sahoor meals with family and friends, amid sophisticated and comfortable decor and impeccable five-star service.
The tents include Ramadan lanterns, the lighting of which is a tradition that is believed to have begun during the Fatimid dynasty in the 10th century, when they were lit to announce the end of each day’s fast.
The largest tent in the capital is Fawanees in the luxurious Al-Faisaliah Hotel. It has become a benchmark, attracting guests during Ramadan from all over the Kingdom and beyond.
The hotel’s tent is in the Prince Sultan Grand Hall, which is transformed every year for the occasion.

“It’s a good Ramadan experience,” Mohammed Al-Shaple, who came to Fawanees with his friends for iftar, told Arab News.

“Hundreds of guests come daily during the holy month to break their fast and relax in style and comfort.”
The luxurious Ritz-Carlton’s Ramadan tent Al-Khaimah provides one of the finest iftar experiences in Riyadh.
The Inter-Continental is hosting iftar at Buraidah Hall and sahoor at Al-Bustan restaurant with a lavish buffet.

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