February 2018

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Japan fire kills 11 at home for elderly people

Author: AFPThu, 2018-02-01 03:00ID: 1517446973786883600TOKYO: Eleven people died after a fire broke out at a residence for elderly people with financial difficulties in northern Japan, police said on Thursday.
Television footage showed the th…

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Polish senate passes Holocaust bill slammed by Israel

Author: AFPThu, 2018-02-01 03:00ID: 1517447455686912600WARSAW: Poland’s senate on Thursday passed a controversial Holocaust bill, which was designed to defend the country’s image abroad but has instead sparked a diplomatic row with Israel.

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Egyptian security sources: Dozens of officers recently joined Al-Qaeda-linked group

On Wednesday, Egyptian security sources reported that, dozens of officers joined Ansar Al-Islam during the past few months, an Al-Qaeda-linked organisation is led by former Special Forces officer Hisham Ashmawi. In a report it published on Wednesday Reuters said that “former officers in the Egyptian Army pose an increasing security threat,” citing the ambush of Western Sahara, which targeted an Egyptian security force, killing and wounding dozens of officers in October 2017. This attack was the first appearance of Ansar Al-Islam. According to Reuters, the group “is part of an unknown network that the Egyptian security forces accused of attempting to assassinate a former interior minister in 2013 and killing the Egyptian Attorney General in a car bomb two years later.” Reuters […]

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UK and EU set for clash over citizens’ rights during transition

Wed, 2018-01-31 03:00

WUHAN, China: Prime Minister Theresa May has warned that European citizens arriving in Britain after Brexit next year may lose some rights, setting up a clash with the European Union over their treatment during any transition period.
Curbing immigration was a key reason why Britons voted to leave the EU in 2016, following a large influx of EU citizens, especially from poorer countries in eastern Europe.
The European Union has warned Britain that it must accept all decisions of the trading bloc and that its citizens should be able to secure full residence rights during the two-year transition period after it leaves the bloc.
But May has suggested EU citizens coming to Britain after March next year will be treated differently.
“People who had come to the UK when we were a member of the EU had set up certain expectations — they made a life choice and set up certain expectation,” May told reporters on her way to China.
“I’m clear there’s a difference between those people who came prior to us leaving and those who will come when they know the UK is no longer a member of the EU.”
This is one potential obstacle Britain and the EU will need to resolve to reach a transitional deal, which will give the two sides time to prepare for the far-reaching impact of the end of 46 years of union.
Many Brexit backers are voicing concern that the referendum result may be betrayed with the plan to change little of the current relationship immediately after Britain formally leaves on March 29, 2019.
But May dismissed some of those concerns.
“They did not vote for nothing to change when we come out of the EU,” she said. “What we’re doing now is doing the job that the British people asked the government to do which is to deliver on Brexit.”

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OPEC Output Climbs In January Despite Venezuelan Crisis

OPEC output in January rose, despite declining production in Venezuela in the same month, a new Reuters report says. Compliance to the 2016 OPEC deal remains strong, even as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia increase output. The bloc increased output by 100,000…

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Can The Shale Boom Avoid These Bottlenecks?

Shale companies continue to drill at a frenzied pace, adding rigs and breaking U.S. oil production levels with each passing week. Yet, the oil production is becoming increasingly geographically concentrated. Not only is the Permian basin accounting for…

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Are Canadian Oil Prices Set To Rebound?

“How’s the Canadian oil and gas industry doing?” a friend recently asked me. People on the sidelines expect a positive answer, knowing that a barrel of oil now trades above $70 on global markets and 65-ish in Texas. “Not bad,” I reply. “The top line nu…

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BP Predicts Natural Gas Will Be World’s Main Fossil Fuel By 2040

British Petroleum anticipates that natural gas will take over oil as the world’s main fossil fuel energy source by the year 2040, according to a new report by Reuters. “We see it (gas) take over from coal in the early 2030s… We think there is a very …