Israel is afraid of our memories

I think we as Palestinians should not be disappointed by any Arab government’s reaction, including ours, anymore since all of them are drowning in normalisation. They are doomed with taking orders by relying on external support. And when I say they I mean every single political faction of the Palestinian leadership. The long, ongoing, 20-year peace talks have made the situation worse in every way.

Trump’s announcement is just a true act of American foreign policy that has been the same since the State of İsrael was created. Our leaders should understand that it’s time to cut all connections and agreements with İsrael and stop relying on American solutions to the occupation while İsrael is stealing more land and changing Palestine’s demography and history.

No one can hide the truth anymore, you just have to walk around Palestine before you realise for yourself that İsrael killed the two-state solution a long time ago. No one can hide the truth of Jerusalem and its true Arab identity and tongue, the land speaks for itself. The smells and the names of the streets will guide you to that standing truth.

Yesterday we were condemning the Balfour Declaration and blaming our fathers and grandfathers for their lack of awareness. It is the same for this generation; they have been given a new promise from the same face of evil.

Jerusalem is safe with its true people, as all of this land. They don’t need any recognition from the world. Their strength and patience are taken from the faith of a just cause. And nothing can defeat that.

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All we need is a true leadership, that can stand with its people and understand that they must be strong because the world does not respect the weak and our truth is worth fighting for. They need to expose the real face of the İsraeli occupation and dual American standards towards the struggle. The world is changing as the balance of power, they must understand that it’s more effective to be united and seek a different direction of support, showing the world nations the reality of this cause to prepare for a time when we can seek our independence and rights, as our enemies prepared for a time when they occupied and conquered.

These days mark the beginning of the first İntifada, when we had a real chance to do something. When we were united to the bones, everyone was in the streets. İsrael was in its worst situation because it was a public, non-armed uprising, and the people were leading the İntifada. That is, until the political parties took it from their hands and brought us the Oslo agreement.

People are ready to be united again to change their fate, even if leaders give up and continue to do so. The memory of the people is standing and scaring the enemy. When an army is afraid of a child, they are afraid of his memory, of his right to exist on that piece of land.