The Tokenbox ranked by ICOrating agency

The Tokenbox platform, whose ICO is planned for November 14th, was given a “Stable+”, high-quality assets rating category. Top analysts of cryptomarket recommend to buy TBX tokens for long-term portfolios.

The ICOrating agency also noted that The Token Fund, a successful tokenized cryptofund created by the same team, is one of the advantages of the project.

Clear marketing strategy, a team of high-end marketing professionals, social media success are named among other advantages.

Portfolio managers considering to start a crypto business are recommended to look into the project, as the reserve fund would be established and the money would be invested in the funds established on the platform, then distributed among 10 of them.

According to the rating description, the Tokenbox’s future chances may be increased, as the market for cryptocurrency funds and professional cryptoassets trading is developing rapidly.

The Tokenbox is a unique platform aimed to unite the cryptomarket players. It will offer professional traders, funds, and investors a secure ready-made tool for creating their own cryptofund based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

The ICOrating is a highly credible agency that evaluates blockchain-based companies planning on an ICO. Startups are ranked by the company analysts and experts according to 4 categories, where the lowest rating is given to companies close to default, while the highest rating is for high-quality assets. “Stable+” is one of the 4 highest categories, which indicates recommendation to buy and a possibility of increasing the rating.

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