US official acknowledges improved security in Darfur

A senior US official with the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations acknowledged on Sunday that the security situation in Darfur has improved, Anadolu has reported. Heather Flynn made her comment during a meeting with the Governor of North Darfur, Abdul Wahid Yousef.

According to the Director of Yousef’s office, Flynn recognised the improvement in local security. “She had some comments regarding the work of the humanitarian organisations,” explained Khalid Maryoud, “and stressed the importance of facilitating their work and access to all regions.”

Maryoud added that Yousef briefed Flynn about security in the governorate and the plans for dealing with the consequences of the conflict, mainly the issue of displaced people, disarmament and achieving social reconciliation.

The American official arrived in the region on Friday for an unannounced visit. She visited Kutum in the north of Darfur and had a close look at the humanitarian situation at Ain Siro Camp for displaced people.

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There has been an armed conflict between the Sudanese army and rebels in the area since 2003. Around 300,000 people have been killed as a result, and 2.5m remain displaced, according to UN statistics.

In June, a bipartisan group including 53 US lawmakers urged US President Donald Trump to delay the permanent lifting of US sanctions on Sudan.