Morocco captures wanted Saudi prince

Saudi’s Prince Saud Al-Saud was arrested in Morocco after being involved in a traffic accident in the M’Diq region, Reu20 reported.

According to the Moroccan website, the prince was arrested after police came to investigate the accident he was involved in and realised his name was listed under an international arrest warrant issued by Saudi authorities.

The prince was then transferred from M’Diq to a police station in the city of Tetouan. Once his identity is confirmed, the prince will be transferred to capital, Rabat, where he will be held in detention until the court decides on his extradition.

Morocco and Saudi Arabia have signed a judicial cooperation agreement requiring that the state concerned request the extradition of a wanted person from the country in which the arrest takes place. The application should include a detailed statement of the identity, description, nationality and photograph of the person sought for extradition.

Details of why an arrest warrant has been issued for the prince have not been revealed.

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