906,000 unemployed Saudis

The unemployment rate of Saudis aged 15 and older during the first quarter of 2017 reached nearly 12.7 per cent, based on the Labour Force Survey.

Of those out of work, 7.2 per cent are males and 3.3 per cent are females, according to the newly released figures.

The number of jobseekers has reached 906,552 people, 219,017 of whom are male and 687,535 of whom are female.

According to the government agencies’ administrative records, 50.3 per cent of the Saudis looking for work have university degrees.

The results also indicated that 11.6 per cent of unemployed Saudis have held jobs before, and that 31.6 per cent of unemployed Saudis left their previous jobs after being laid off by their employers.

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