Hamas hails Sudan’s efforts to resolve rift among Arab states

The Head of the Hamas Political Bureau has called Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir to thank him for his efforts to find a solution to the rift among the Arab states and keep them secure and united, Felesteen newspaper reported on Friday. Ismail Haniyeh also offered his formal greetings to the Sudanese leader during this Blessed Month of Ramadan.

The former Palestinian prime minister stressed that the differences between the Arab states are not in the interest of the Arab nation. It is the Israel occupation authorities which fuel such crises and benefit from them, he told Al-Bashir.

The recently elected leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement argued that once the Arab nation is united and free of internal disputes, it would be ready to deal with the issue of Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In response, President Al-Bashir stressed that his country is interested to see the whole Arab nation united, and expressed his hope that Haniyeh succeeds in the mission for which he was elected as the head of Hamas.