French police officer arrested for passing documents to Morocco

The French authorities formally charged a police officer on Friday of passing secret documents to Moroccan intelligence agents, Anadolu has reported. The unidentified officer was arrested at the end of last month.

According to France 24 news website, the transfer of the documents was carried out through a French-Moroccan intermediary who works with a private firm specialising in airport security. The police officer was stationed at Paris Orly Airport to the south of the French capital.

The secret documents passed to the Moroccans included the names of people listed as being “a danger to national security”. The authorities in Paris believe that the policeman received payments for the documents and enjoyed free holidays in Morocco.

Suspicions were raised last December when the French authorities were tipped off that the officer and his family had benefited from these holidays. The two main suspects in the case were arrested between 20 and 30 May and have been under investigation for corruption, bribery and the violation of professional secrets.