Saudi Justice Ministry achieves over 90% in excellence stage of e-transaction program

Sun, 2017-04-02 03:00

RIYADH: The Ministry of Justice has achieved the highest rates in its e-transaction services to hit over 90 percent in the excellence stage of its electronic program in 2016, according to a report released by the e-government program Yesser.
The report divided the ministry’s e-transformation phases into four successive stages: Building, accessibility, excellence and integration.
The excellence stage comprises a group of elements, whereby the report verifies the ministry’s pace in accomplishment of its set goals, including basic technical infrastructure, human resources and management.
By achieving such a rate, the ministry has outperformed 140 other government agencies during the year, the report said.
Touching on the ministry’s current “electronic maturity,” the report said the number of justice services stood at 62, including 48 interactive, eight informational and six procedural.
The ministry has succeeded in preparing a plan to transfer to electronic transactions. The plan has allowed ministry officials to archive documents and retrieve them if required, the report said.
The ministry has pledged to intensify efforts to achieve the objectives of the electronic transactions program and achieve the vision of improving the Kingdom’s rank in the UN e-government readiness assessment survey and keeping the Kingdom’s presence within the best 25 countries in 2020, and among top five by 2030.

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