Egyptian court orders release of senior Brotherhood leader’s daughter

A Cairo court ordered yesterday the release of Khadija El-Shater, daughter of the Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Khairat El-Shater, Palestinian news website Rassd reported.

Egypt’s public prosecutor accused Khadija of affiliation to the “banned” Muslim Brotherhood and financing it before she was arrested.

Khadija denied the claims and stressed that she does not have any kind of formal relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as denying the allegations that she had financed the group.

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The Egyptian judiciary is currently hearing many cases relating to family members of imprisoned leadership figures of the Brotherhood over accusations that they were members of the proscribed group and financing its members, similar to charges Khadija faced.

On Monday, the public prosecutor ordered the release of the chief of financial firm Al-Khaleej and his wife, in addition to Bahaaddin El-Shater, the cousin of the Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Bahaaddin is a businessman who owns a shopping chain called “Zad” and also was accused of affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood and financing it.

Recently, a Cairo criminal court blacklisted 1,500 Egyptians, who are relatives of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including businessmen, academics and stars such as footballer Mohamed Abu Treka, an Egyptian footballing icon.