‘We are tremendously pleased with the work and sacrifice of our brave security men’

Arab News
Fri, 2017-01-27
RIYADH: King Salman sent a cable to Mohammed bin Naif, the crown prince, deputy prime minister and minister of Interior, commending him and the security personnel for their achievements.
The cable was in response to the deputy crown prince’s report to the king in which he showcased the successes of Saudi security personnel in various sectors of responsibility, especially in the field of anti-terrorism and monitoring of terrorists, raids of their hideouts and their arrests.
“We are tremendously pleased with the work and sacrifice of our brave security men who operate out of loyalty for their nation and religion, guided by their belief in God while facing the dark terrorist groups that have violated the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and follow the ways of Satan in shedding blood. Their crimes and harm extend near and far, sparing no father, brother, friend or relative their heinous acts,” said the king.
“Through their actions, they revealed that they are a scourge that poses harm to the society, but their efforts are constantly thwarted, thanks to God, first, and then to the efforts of our heroic security men,” King Salman said.
“We thank your Highness and all loyal and brave security men for their efforts and heroic sacrifices, and we shake your hands, one by one, in pride and appreciation. We ask God Almighty to bless and rest the souls of all martyrs in the peace of the highest levels of heaven, to speed and ease and recovery of all those injured, and to protect our country’s security and stability, as only He can do,” the king concluded.
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