Earnings Barrage: This Is What GOOGL, MSFT, INTC And SBUX Reported

In what is one of the busiest reporting days of the quarter, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Starbucks, and more all reported earnings after the close.Here is a quick recap:

GOOGL: Q4 non-GAAP EPS miss $9.36, Exp. $9.64; Revenue $26.0BN, Exp. $25.2BN; Revenue ex-TAC $21.2BN, Exp. $20.6BN

  • 4Q paid clicks +36.0%, est. +25.7%
  • 4Q Google other rev. $3.40b
  • 4Q rev. ex-tac $21.2b
  • 4Q cost-per-click -15.0%, est. +10.7%
  • 4Q adj. operating profit $8.49b, est. $8.18b (range $6.12b- $9.30b)
  • 4Q Google advertising rev. $22.4b
  • 4Q free cash flow $6.34b
  • 4Q capital expenditures $3.08b
      • MSFT: Q2 EPS non-GAAP EPS beat $0.83 (Ex-LinkedIn $0.84), Exp. $0.79; Revenue $25.9BN, Exp. $25.3BN; Rev. ex-LinkkedIn: $25.8BN, Exp. $25.3BN
  • 2Q rev. by business unit:
    • More Personal Computing $11.82b vs est. $11.44b (5 ests. compiled by Bloomberg News)
    • Intelligent Cloud $6.86b vs est. $6.68b (5 ests.)
    • Productivity and Business Processes $7.38b vs est. $7.02b (5 ests.)
  • Sees “strong demand” for cloud-based services

INTC: Q4 non-GAAP EPS beat $0.79, Exp. 0.75, Revenue $16.4BN, Exp. $15.8BN

  • Sees 1Q adj. EPS 65c +/- 5c, est. 61c
  • Sees 1Q adj. GM 63% +/- Couple Pts, est. 61.9%
  • Sees 1Q rev. $14.8b +/- $500m, est. $14.5b
  • Sees year rev. roughly flat; expected to grow in low single digits excluding Intel Security Group from both years
  • Client computing rev. $9.1b, up 4% y/y
  • DCG rev. $4.7b, up 8% y/y
  • 4Q adj. gross margin 63.1% vs est. 63.1%

SBUX: Q1 EPS match non-GAAP EPS $0.52, Exp. $0.52; Revenue $$5.73BN, Exp. $5.83BN, Q1 Comps +3%, Exp. +3.7%

  • Sees revenue growth 8-10%, Saw growth in the double digits.
  • 1Q China/Asia Pacific comp. sales +5%, est. +3% (Consensus Metrix, average of 26)
  • 1Q Americas comp. sales +3%, est. +3.9%
  • 1Q EMEA comp. sales -1%, est. +1.8%
  • 1Q adj. operating margin +20.0%
  • 1Q China/APAC operating margin 21.2%
  • 1Q EMEA operating margin 16.8%
  • 1Q net new store openings in Americas 251

And how the respective shares are reacting:

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