Trainees express satisfaction at training at TVTC colleges and institutes

Rodolfo C. Estimo Jr.
Mon, 2017-01-16
RIYADH: A recent study issued by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) showed that 81.4 percent of all trainees have expressed satisfaction regarding their training at TVTC colleges and institutes.
The study showed that 76.3 percent of the trainees expressed their full satisfaction with the administration and management of training modules on clarity of procedures and conditions of admission. The study included students in industrial training colleges and institutes in which the main objective was to further develop and improve the quality of services for trainees, and ensure the proper functioning of the training process.
The study also showed that 79.7 percent of the trainees expressed their satisfaction with the level of support in terms of availability of additional training opportunities.
The study also reported that they had ease of access to mentors for guidance on various matters, that include the problems they face in their training.
Moreover, it showed the extent of satisfaction in terms of training devices available in public utilities, which include training modules and the level of hygiene and regular maintenance.
It also reported that 83.9 percent of the trainees had complete satisfaction with the curriculum, training methods and mechanisms and suitability of disciplines, including their contribution to the development and creation of creative skills that engender inspiration in exercises and activities.
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