Saudi student survives attack in US

Mon, 2017-01-16
JEDDAH: Saudi student Mohammad Zaid Al-Fadheel has survived an attack in the US state of Kentucky.
His father Zaid told Al Arabiya his son was attacked by someone using a stick or iron bar, and is in a stable condition following surgery.
Al-Fadheel, an undergraduate American varsity student in financial management, was struck in the head, causing a major cut that needed stitches.
“We’re constantly in touch with the family of the student, and they’re now in the US with the son,” lawyer Bader Al-Omair at the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. told Arab News. Al-Fadheel was checked out of hospital yesterday, Al-Omair said.
The embassy is following up the case, and has hired a lawyer and a company in Kentucky to identify the attacker and investigate the motive.
“We haven’t identified the attacker yet, but we’re working closely with the family as we’ve been informed by Muhammed’s sister Atheer Al-Fadheel that he has started to remember some scenes of the incident,” said Al-Omair.
A police report will be issued on Tuesday. “We contacted the state’s police and, so far, they didn’t give us enough answers,” said Al-Omair.
“It’s the weekend in the US and tomorrow we have Martin Luther King’s holiday. On Tuesday work hours will go back to normal.”
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