Number of refugees travelling to Europe reduced in 2016

The number of illegal migrants and refugees crossing to Europe from Turkey fell in 2016 to the lowest number recorded over the past two years, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported citing data released by the Turkish Coast Guard.

In the same year, Turkish Coast Guards detained 37,130 illegal migrants and refugees while they were trying to make the perilous journey out of the country. Some 91,611 illegal immigrants were arrested in 2015.

The number of migrant and refugee deaths from capsized boats or severe cold also fell sharply, by 31 per cent, during the same year.

In March last year, Turkey and the European Union signed an agreement which they hoped would prevent human trafficking and reduce illegal immigration.

After the signing of the agreement, the movement of migrants and refugees fell by 90 per cent.

February saw the largest number of migrants and refugees arrested during 2016, with 8,847 people apprehended, while June witnessed the lowest number with just 538 captured.