Israelis extend detention of epileptic Palestinian boy

The Israeli occupation authorities have extended the detention of Ahmed Mahmoud Khaddour, aged 16, who suffers from partial epilepsy. The young Palestinian will be held until at least Thursday, Quds Press has reported.

According to the boy’s sister Hanin, he also suffers from hemiplegia and leukaemia. She pointed out that he can only move with great difficulty and that the Israeli forces arrested Ahmed near the Ofer checkpoint on Monday evening; they claim that he was throwing stones at them.

“As soon as my mother heard about his detention, she rushed to the place and tried to get Ahmed freed,” she explained. “However, she gave up when one of the soldiers pointed his gun and threatened to shoot her.”

The Israelis transferred the boy to an investigation centre and called his father to attend. “There, they told my father that he was arrested for throwing stones at the Israeli soldiers and his detention was extended until Thursday.” She said that Ahmed is the youngest in her family and fears that his detention will aggravate his health problems.

Israel has arrested 34 Palestinians recently as part of a wide campaign in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. Those arrested include former prisoners and children.